Who else is using the BuildingSync schema?

The BuildingSync effort has involved recruiting several industry collaborators to review the schema and investigate its incorporation into existing audits tools. See Collaborators for a list.

What efforts have the team made to ensure that BuildingSync follows established energy audit practices and standards?

BuildingSync covers the essential data collected across all ASHRAE Audit Levels, as defined in Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits, and includes all data necessary for the calculation of a Commercial Building Energy Asset Score. Moreover, the team has coordinated with an extensive group of industry stakeholders to ensure relevance to the industry. The Implementation Guide includes a list of these stakeholders. Overall, existing data formats and datasets were leveraged whenever possible, to avoid duplication of effort and minimize the effort required to perform data reconciliation and mapping from existing databases.

I have followed the practices suggested in the Implementation Guide, but I still can’t get my software to validate to the BuildingSync schema. Where can I go for help?

Please direct any questions to [email protected].

Is BuildingSync even relevant to me if I’m not a software developer?

Yes, it is relevant to you as long as you use, specify, or recommend energy auditing software. Providers of energy auditing services can choose to use software that can output BuildingSync-compatible files. Building owners may wish to incorporate BuildingSync into their next RFP for a building energy audit by requiring the auditor to provide data in a BuildingSync-compatible format.