Managing inconsistent audit data takes a lot of work. When auditors use different tools or file formats, program managers do the best they can to collect, combine, analyze and monitor this vital but frustrating information.

The BuildingSync schema solves this problem. It's a standardized language for building energy audits that makes sharing and using audit data easy. Simply ask auditors to produce BuildingSync-compatible reports to leverage the power of standardized data.

With BuildingSync, you can easily:
Enhance the value of audit data
Streamline audit reporting, saving staff time
Eliminate spreadsheets and proprietary formats
Combine and analyze audits conducted by different companies
Compare, share, and re-use instantly usable data
Track audit data across the life of a building
Exchange data between databases and software tools
Understand energy efficiency opportunities
Generate an Asset Score report with upgrade recommendations and a 1-10 efficiency rating
Integrate audit information into property management tools
Incorporate BuildingSync functionality into your own products, services or applications
Leverage expert support from DOE and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Get started by downloading the BuildingSync schema or validating your use case.