For Building and City Practitioners

BuildingSync® is a common schema for commercial building data that can be utilized by different software and databases involved in maintenance, design, and energy audit processes. It allows data to be more easily aggregated, compared, and exchanged between different databases and software tools. The ability to exchange data easier streamlines many processes throughout the lifecycle of the building including: improving the value of the data, minimizing duplication of effort, and facilitating the achievement of greater energy efficiency.

Organize building data at a portfolio scale.

Whether overseeing a single build or managing multiple properties, keep your data structured and standardized with BuildingSync®

Improve building information flow

Increase building data value with actionable insights by integrating with existing BuildingSync® tools.

Enhance project planning and execution with building information modeling (BIM)

BuildingSync® reduces soft costs associated with configuring building information modeling with direct integration with popular modeling software packages.