Selection Tool Validator

The BuildingSync Use Case Selection Tool is a web application allowing users to browse and validate instances of BuildingSync for various use cases.


testsuite is a Python package for writing and validating BuildingSync use cases as Schematron files.

BuildingSync Asset Extractor (BAE)

The BuildingSync Asset Extractor (BAE) is a Python package that allows users to process a BuildingSync file to extract asset information that can then be imported into the SEED Platform.

BuildingSync Gem

The BuildingSync-Gem is a repository of helpers for reading and writing BuildingSync XML files, and for using that data to drive energy simulations of the subject building. This tool allows you to convert BuildingSync XML file into an OpenStudio Baseline model or workflow, simulate the model or workflow, and insert simulation results into the original BuildingSync file.


bsyncpy is a tool for parsing and building BuildingSync files in Python.


bsyncr is an R library for running NMECR analyses on BuildingSync files.