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BuildingSync as a means of data exchange allows interoperability between existing software platforms. BuildingSync and BETTER have collaborated to support seamless integration between current adopters and running BETTER analyses to maximize the usability of your organized building and usage data.

What is BETTER?

BETTER is a web-based analysis application for identifying cost-saving energy and emissions reductions in buildings and portfolios. The tool identifies immediate, cost-saving operational measures and technology upgrades to reduce energy and emissions while prioritizing facilities for more in-depth audits and analysis.

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How does it work?

BuildingSync supports all of the requirements needed to run BETTER analyses. An eligible file will contain high level information about a building or buildings as well as at least 12 months of meter usage data. Users can then upload their file to BETTER, run an analysis, and view the intuitive report outputs based on the BuildingSync input.

Where can I get started?

This integration allows the user to submit valid BuildingSync files to BETTER in a number of different ways:

Web Application

Create an account with BETTER and upload BuildingSync files

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Send BuildingSync files to BETTER via their RESTful API endpoints.

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The SEED platform

Find out how you can use the SEED platform to run analyses on properties.

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